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PressurepointsAcupressure Points and Their Effects

Pressure points are located throughout our bodies. Pressure points are used in both acupuncture and acupressure. These pressure points help release the chi within the body to start the healing process.
The photos of the hand (above and below) show all the pressure points and what part of the body they connect to. Included here is a list of some of the pressure points and their effects.

Bladder:Increases circulation to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Works to prevent vaginitis, urinary tract infection, and lower back pain.

Kidney:Strengthens the bladder and kidneys, and increases the circulation to the reproductive organs. Helps prevent Bed wetting, urinary tract infection, andvaginitis.

Large Intestine:Beneficial to the head and face, relieves congestion and headaches, removes energy blocks in the large intestine, and clears heat. Relieves acne, common cold, headache, menstrual cramps, teething, sore throat, fever, and toothache. Relieves itching, and reduces allergic reactions. Decreases sinus congestion.

Liver:Quiets the nervous the system, and also relaxes muscle cramps and spasms. Relieves asthma, menstrual cramps, teething, headache, eye pain. Clears the lungs, and moistens the throat. Relieves asthma, common cold, and sore throat. Relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders, and relaxes the body as well.

Pericardium:Relaxes the chest, relieves nausea, and relaxes the ming. Relieves asthma, motion sickness, croup, sleeplessness, stomachache, and vomiting.
To be Continue…..ShreeOm…..

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